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Quota history does not display 'User' responsible for some changes
Answer ID 11338   |   Last Review Date 01/27/2020

Why does the 'User' column do not display any values for some of the changes recorded in Quota History screen?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


We noticed that some records in the Quota History screen do not have a value in 'User' column. We see changes being made regularly at a certain time but we cannot identify who is making these changes.

Quota history for HF for a given row shows a blank value in the User column.


If you notice changes in Quota being made regularly at a certain time but no user is recorded in Quota History screen, check Quota screen for the specific bucket. Click the cell and check if 'Recurring autofill enabled' is selected. When this option is selected, the system automatically fills the cells with values according to configuration. Since this is an automatic action and there are no Users involved, the 'User' field is empty.

Quote Screen > Quota by capacity categories > Click into the Quota cell > Confirm "Recurring autofill enabled" is enabled.

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