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Propose Answer workspace button not available with Knowledge Advanced
Answer ID 11218   |   Last Review Date 11/01/2019

Why can't I add the "Propose" button to the incident workspace ribbon?


Oracle B2C Service sites using Knowledge Advanced, all supported versions


When editing an incident workspace, an administrator is unable to add the "Propose" button to the incident workspace ribbon.


The analogous feature in Knowledge Advanced is called "Recommend Content." Although this feature is not available as a ribbon button directly, it is readily accessible from the Knowledge tool - which can be added to the incident workspace ribbon. An agent would click Knowledge in the ribbon to search for content relating to the incident's subject, and then the Recommend Content button in that tool. Any content type that has content recommendations enabled can be selected to "propose" the answer in this way.

For further information on configuring content recommendations, review the online help available at Answer ID 8156: Documentation for Knowledge Advanced for your version of Oracle B2C Service.


Because the Knowledge Advanced product replaces the Answer object entirely with Articles, administrators should take care to refer only to the Knowledge Advanced documentation with respect to configuring the contents of the knowledge base. While answers and articles have much in common, functional analogues between the two are often implemented differently or may not be available from one to the other.