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Explanation of 'History User Type' Parameter in the Display Screen
Answer ID 11154   |   Last Review Date 10/13/2019

What is the History User Type parameter in the Display screen?


All versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I am looking for more details about the parameter 'History user type' in Configuration > Display and how it is used.


As shown in the Display screen, in the parameter 'History user type' customers should specify which User Type will be used to build text identifiers of objects (activities, inventory, and service requests) to be logged into History tab.


If you have  _Privileged Administrator (UT15) selected in 'History user type' parameter as below...

Configuration > Display screen. Parameter 'History user type' has value _Privileged Administrator (UT15)

... the properties and fields configured in Configuration > User Type (select _Privileged Administrator (UT15)) > Screen Configuration > Collaboration and Identifiers under the contexts ♦Identify activity by, ♦Identify equipment by and ♦Identify service request by, will be used as Identifiers in History tab for all User Types in the system.

Configuration > User Type (_Privileged Administrator (UT15) is selected) > Screen Configuration > Collaboration and Identifiers. Contexts 'Identify activity by', 'Identify equipment by' and 'Identify service request by' are highlighted.

For this example, we have three properties configured in the ♦Identify activity by context:

Identify activity by context shows properties: Work Order, Activity type and Zip

If we are to link two activities, the action will be displayed in History tab and the new linked activity will be identified using the properties configured in the ♦Identify activity by context.

History tab > Add activity link action shows the activity being identified by the values: 3200A - HD-DVR Upgrade - 32837. Corresponding to the properties configured.

As seen above, 3200A is the Work Order number, HD-DVR Upgrade is the activity type and 32837 is the Zip code. of the new linked activity.