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Collaboration Groups are Duplicated having Different Icons
Answer ID 11092   |   Last Review Date 10/15/2019

Why do I see duplicate groups under User's Collaboration Groups search results?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I don't know why I see duplicate groups (same names with different Icons) when searching for Collaboration Groups.


When a User has the permission to manage other Users/Resources, they may create Manage Groups with the same name as the existing Company's Collaboration Groups.

Manage screen >  group 'OFSC Support Group' is selected

Configuration > Collaboration. There is a Collaboration group also named 'OFSC Support Group'

When this User clicks on Collaboration > Group Message > User Group, OFSC will display both Groups within the results, as you see bellow: 

Manage screen >  Collaboration chat icon > Group Message > User Group. It shows two groups with same name 'OFSC Support Group'. Manage user Group shows resource icon without hat.

Collaboration group shows resource icon wearing a hard hat

The Management Group will be represented by a resource icon with a hard hat on, while the regular Collaboration Group will be represented by a resource icon without the hard hat.

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