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Oracle B2C Service 19C Supported Customer Platforms
Answer ID 11017   |   Last Review Date 08/19/2019

What are the 19C Supported Customer Platforms?

This document outlines supported browser specifications for customers using the customer portal pages provided in the 19C release of Oracle B2C Service. For agent workstation specifications, including software requirements for administrating Customer Portal page sets, refer to the Oracle B2C Service 19C Infrastructure Requirements.

Web Browsers for Standard Page Sets

The following web browsers are supported by Customer Portal's standard page set.

Table 1: Supported Customer Web Browsers
Browser Supported Version(s)
Internet Explorer 11.x, Edge 16 or newer
Chrome 72 or newer
Firefox 67 or newer, ESR 60 or newer
Safari* 12

* Mac/Safari is not supported by the OKCS feature of Oracle B2C Service
* Windows/Safari is not supported.


  • The browser text size must be set to Normal.
  • Using versions of web browsers that are not listed in this table will result in malfunction.

Mobile Browsers for Mobile Page Sets

The following web browsers are supported by Customer Portal's mobile page set for mobile devices.

Table 2: Supported Customer Mobile Browsers
Device OS Browser
Apple iPhone OS v12.x Safari
Android (V7.x to v9.x) Android Web Browser

Note: Supports CP Mobile, CP Basic, Chat EU, Cobrowse PremiumM EU

Basic Page Set for the Customer Portal

Please see the following information for details on Basic Page Set.

Additional Information:

For information on browsers supported when using the Agent Browser UI, please see Supported browsers for the Agent Browser User Interface.

The information on the Oracle B2C Service Workstation Infrastructure Requirements for 19C , please see Oracle B2C Service 19C Infrastructure Requirements.