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Oracle Field Service customers should detail how unexpected behavior affect their business.
Answer ID 10997   |   Last Review Date 11/08/2021

What is a Business Impact Statement?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)
'Client Impact to Business' field on Service Request form


Customers need to provide details regarding the business impact an unexpected Oracle Field Service (OFS) behavior is causing so that Oracle may prioritize the ticket according to the impact.  This will ensure those with a bigger impact are prioritized higher than those with a lesser or no impact.


A "Business Impact Statement" details the impact and/or consequences of a disruption caused by OFS demonstrating unexpected behavior.


Good Business Impact Statement Example:  Since routing is not routing jobs to contract workers as expected, approximately 20% of our work orders overall are having to be manually routed causing an undue stress on our dispatchers and possibly missed appointments with customers.

Bad Business Impact Statement Example:  Routing is not working.


     another example...

 Good Business Impact Statement Example:  Our customers are not getting the heads up call they expect, which is leading to our customer satisfaction going down and loss appointments and revenue every day this continues.

Bad Business Impact Statement Example:  Message engine not sending messages to customers.


     another example...

 Good Business Impact Statement Example:  Without access to this feature is creating confusion in the field, reporting inaccuracy and technician loss in confidence of Oracle Field Service (OFS).

Bad Business Impact Statement Example:  Major


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