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Oracle Field Service (OFS) Data Backup Policy
Answer ID 10952   |   Last Review Date 06/28/2019

How to backup OFS data?

All versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS)

According to Oracle Cloud Services Backup Strategy (Oracle Cloud Hosting and Delivery Policies), Oracle periodically makes backups of your production data. Oracle typically does not update, insert, delete or restore your data on your behalf. However, on an exception basis and subject to written approval, we are able to restore the customers data from its state as of a selected date within the previous 60 days.

Customer may utilize all existing OFS import/export capabilities to backup configuration data from their OFS environment once a license agreement expires.

- Metadata APIs - Properties, Work Skills, Work Zones, Capacity Category, Applications 
- REST APIs - obtain Resources and Users. 
- Import/Export from the GUI can be found in the Admin Guide and include items - Glossary, Properties, User Types, Work Zones, Outbound Integration Channels (e.g. Daily Extract) 
Documentation Link: Oracle Field Service Cloud Documentation

Other items that are not available via API or GUI Export/Import would need to be manually backed up.

Note: It is not possible to provide any backup outside the Oracle Data centers under any circumstance and, according to the same policy above, your data is not allowed to be transferred to any other subscription. 

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