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An unknown staff account group is being displayed in the "Assigned" field
Answer ID 10886   |   Last Review Date 07/26/2019

Why is there an unknown staff account group in the "Assigned" field of an incident? 


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Oracle B2C Service


An unknown staff account group is being displayed in the "Assigned" field.


When a group has no staff accounts associated to it, it will no longer be visible in the "Staff Accounts by Group" report because it is filtered out. However, it is still shown in the assigned field of an incident.

If you do need to delete a staff account group, you must first move all the staff members from that group. It is best to reassign the associated records to another group, otherwise, the "assigned" field will appear as "No value" when viewing the records. 

For more information about staff groups, refer to: Answer ID 491: Using staff groups.

For more information about the effects of deleting staff accounts groups or alternatives to it, refer to: Answer ID 1415: Effects of deleting staff accounts in Oracle B2C Service.

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