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Lunch activity created by Routing
Answer ID 10791   |   Last Review Date 04/23/2019

Why is there a Lunch activity created by Routing?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I noticed the activity history shows that a resource's Lunch activity was created by Routing and I don't understand how Routing could have created this activity.

History tab of lunch activity shows column 'action' with value 'created'. Column 'User' shows value 'Routing'


Recurring activities are created from their templates and assigned a specific 'aid' at the moment of queue creation for a specific resource and date.

The resource's queue is created when either of the two following circumstances occur:
- Activities are moved/routed or created on a technician route
- Route is activated for the day

If the Routing engine assigns an activity to the Resource before the Resource activates their route for the day, the activity history will display the action Created as created by Routing user.