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Menu type custom fields with Rest API
Answer ID 10781   |   Last Review Date 05/18/2020

How do I set the value of a menu type custom field using the Rest API functionality?


Oracle B2C Service - all releases


When setting the value of a custom field for a standard or custom object, one needs to take into account that the custom fields are nested under the customFields resource and follow the same CCOM structure as presented in the documentation below:

Connect Common Object Model Overview

With the Rest API, the customFields sub-resource will contain the following:

  • A c sub-resource containing all legacy custom fields
  • Zero or more sub-resources representing packages under which custom attributes (also known as system attributes) have been defined

When setting the value of a menu type custom field, we can make use of the LookupName for the specific value that needs to be set, as in the code samples below:


  "name": {
    "first": "Jonathan",
    "last": "Randall"
  "city": "Oracle",
  "custom_field":{"lookupName": "Oracle"}


For any other information on how to use the Rest API functionality available with Oracle B2C Service, see the link below:

REST API for Oracle B2C Service