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Post Transport Impact of the Enhanced Search Service
Answer ID 10647   |   Last Review Date 05/05/2020

What do I need to know if my site has Enhanced Search Service Enabled and is transporting between environments?


Environmental, Migration of all Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) sites,  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


Customers that leverage the Enhanced Search Service may experience incomplete search results for a short period of time after their site(s) has transported into a new data center.  The data in the incidents table needs to be indexed in the new datacenter which can take some time (about 4 hours for 1 million incidents).  

How do I know if Enhanced Search Service is being used for my site?

  • Enhanced Search Service is only available for customers on 19B MP1 or later and has been enabled for a subset of customers. 
  • Enhanced Search Service will be enabled for newly provisioned sites created on 20A or later.
  • Enhanced Search Service will be enabled automatically upon update to 20B or later.