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Oracle Field Service Update Policy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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All versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS).


Oracle Field Service Update Policy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and answers:

Oracle Field Service Update Policy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is it necessary to update and what are the associated benefits?

Running the latest Oracle Field Service version means that you have access to the latest product capabilities in terms of system performance, quality, stability, and security.  Oracle's delivery of the service as described in the Oracle Cloud Hosting and Delivery Policy is contingent on you being on the latest release.

  When does my Preview Test instance receive an Update?   

Non-production instances are updated on the GA release date. Updates will be performed on the first Friday of the Quarter (February, May, August and November). See the predefined schedule

  When is the initial notification for Update is delivered?  

Initial notifications for Preview Test and Production are delivered approximately two (2) weeks prior to the Preview Test being updated.

  When is the Release Readiness documentation available?  

Release Readiness documentation is available one to two (2) weeks prior to the GA release date

  Will I receive Update reminder for Production?  

Reminder notification is delivered approximately two (2) days prior to Production being updated.

  How do I know the Update (and Service Update) version and operation time window?  

Updates and Service Updates will occur during the following time period:

  • Asia Pacific (APAC) – Friday 21:00 - 01:00 Singapore time
  • Europe and Africa – Friday 21:00 - 01:00 London time
  • Middle East – Thursday 21:00 - 01:00 Dubai time
  • North America (NA) and Latin American (LATAM) – Friday 21:00 - 01:00 Chicago time

Additionally, we announce the version, date and time zone in the initial and reminder (Update only), started and completed notifications.

  Who do I contact for questions about new features?  

We advise you to check the What's New documentation. Release documentation describes the new features, changes, and altered functionality introduced in Oracle Field Service versions. It also provides an overview of minor changes and updates.

After reviewing the above mentioned documentation, if you still need assistance and support, please submit a request to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support here.

  Will new features/enhancements be enabled during the Update or Service Update?  

Review What’s New documentation to learn about new features that will be activated with the update. Oracle does not perform configuration changes to customers instances. New features are not turned on by default unless noted in the What's New document; you will need to enable the features after the update.  Service Updates do not contain new features or enhancements.

  Who can help me evaluate the possible impacts of upgrading from one Oracle Field Service version to another?  

Release documentation is published regularly. The What's New documentation describes the new features, changes, and altered functionality introduced in Oracle Field Service version. Release Notes provide an overview of minor changes and updates. For a detailed description of the features and changes introduced in this document, please refer to all the corresponding separate documents.

After reviewing the above mentioned documentation, if you still need assistance and support, please submit a request to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support here to learn more about a consulting engagement.

  Can I reschedule an Update?  

Oracle Field Service customers can reschedule Updates to any day within the allowed 60 days window. You can identify your 60 days window by going to the Cloud Portal > Field Service Console. When you select the calendar to choose a new date, you can see that you are able to click and select some dates. Any day that is grayed out is outside of your 60 days window. 

  Can I refuse/cancel an Update?   

Oracle Field Service is a multi-tenant solution so it is not possible to refuse or cancel an Update. Please refer to the Oracle Field Service Release process above to find the planned release schedule.

  What is the maintenance window for non-production (Test) installation?  

The maintenance window for non-production (Test) installations is standard for all the customers per Support procedure. This means that the instance might not be available at any time during the maintenance hours as downtime is required for non-production (Test) update. Information on the maintenance window is published in the notifications.

  How do I report a possible defect during the Update period?  

Any possible defects found during update need to be reported via CX Customer Portal. The Oracle Field Service Support Team will process issues according to their severity and area (Mobility, Routing, etc). 

  How do I know what update region is assigned for my environments?  

The region is automatically assigned based on the country identified in your Cloud Services agreement. 

  Will my non-production (Test) instance be refreshed before the update? If so, will I lose my data?  

For an Update and Service Update, your non-production (Test) instance will not be refreshed with your Production configuration and your data will not be removed.

If you wish to refresh your Preview Test instance with a copy of your Production configuration and data during an Update, please create a Support Request at least 5 days prior to the Preview Test installation date. During this process, all data (activities, inventory, etc) will be removed from your Preview Test instance. This is necessary for compatibility with the latest production state. Your configured Delivery channels will remain the same in the updated Preview Test instance. The Preview Test instance contains activities for the last 7 days, non-scheduled and all future activities.

When activity data is copied from Production to Preview Test, properties related to the customers name, address and contact information (i.e. e-mail and phone) will be masked per Oracle policy.

  Production is updated, so why were the configuration changes I made in non-production (Test) not moved?  

Configuration changes that you made in non-production (Test) during the update period are not copied over to PROD to facilitate a “like-for-like” update based on the Production configuration. If you made changes in non-production (Test) that you would like in Production, then you must plan to also apply those configuration changes in Production  after the update is complete. This approach avoids the introduction of new changes that could hinder experiencing a smooth update.

  How will I know if the update process changes?  

This paper will be updated as changes occur and the changes.

  When is Service Update applied?  

Customers can schedule Service Updates to be applied to Production or Test instances using Cloud Portal. 

  What are One Off Service Updates?  

One Off Service Updates may occur on an as-needed basis. These releases are routine updates that do not contain new functionality.

  When is Service Update documentation available?  

Service Updates are released on weekly basis. The Release Notes documentation is available on or shortly after the release.


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