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Knowledge Advanced Rest API for updating subscription notification schedule
Answer ID 10608   |   Last Review Date 02/11/2020

Can I use the Knowledge Advanced Rest API to update the subscriptions notifications currently modifiable under the "Web User Properties" Authoring module?


Oracle Knowledge Advanced - all releases


The Knowledge Advanced Rest API functionality provides a series of operations to perform changes to the subscriptions feature in the Authoring Module.

A list of the operations currently available can be found accessing the documentation URL below:

REST API for Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced Documentation:  Users REST Endpoints

Nevertheless, this list does not include the subscriptions notifications options available under the "Web User Properties" Authoring section, as at this point, the Rest API does not allow the change of subscriptions notifications for Knowledge Advanced users.

The only way to modify the subscriptions notifications for web users is to access the Authoring module => Repository => Web Users => for each user, Edit properties section.