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Breaking Down Public API Activity
Answer ID 10324   |   Last Review Date 03/04/2022

Where can I find a detailed break down of public API usage on my site?


Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), all supported versions


Oracle B2C Service version 17D introduced changes to the public API metering reports. The papi_meters and papi_method_meters tables are no longer available. The following reports should be used instead:

  • PAPI Meters Debug Log (Report ID 13130)
  • PAPI Method Meters Debug Log (Report ID 13131)

These reports provide information on the interface, source, application context, account, client IP address, operation, as well as various other metrics related to the Public API activity on your site. The two reports cannot be modified or copied to create customized versions, by design.  Please note that the reports will only retain 7 days worth of data and you will not be able to see requests prior to 7 days ago.  

For more information about public APIs please review the documentation for each API available in:
Answer ID 5169: Technical Documentation and Sample Code.