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Oracle Field Service (OFS) Refresh Rate
Answer ID 10252   |   Last Review Date 02/24/2022

It is possible to change the refresh rate in OFS?

All versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS)
It is possible to change the refresh rate in OFS Core application Dispatch Console
For user of Core Application
In order to be able to manage the time interval OFS uses to refresh data in Dispatch Console screen the refresh_rate property must be properly set in the Edit Resource/User screen for the user that would like to have the screen refreshed automatically.
The refresh_rate field can be added to the Edit Resource/User screen context and set for each individual user.
1. Configuring the Edit Resource/User Context
1.1. In Configuration, under the section "Users, Security, Integrations", select the option User Types
1.2. Select the desired User Type to have the refresh rate field available
1.3. Select the tab Screen Configuration and navigate to Edit Resource/User screen
1.4. Under New element layout structure, drag the element type "Input" to the area you would like to add this field
1.5. Select the newly added element and search for the User field refresh_rate, click to select and click OK to add.
1.6. Save the changes.
2. Setting the refresh_rate field for the user in the Edit Resource/User screen
2.1. In Resource screen, search for the user you would like to set the automatic screen refresh
2.2. Select the user from the results and click Edit
2.3. In the Resource/User screen locate the field Refresh Rate
2.4. Set the field to the interval which you would like the screen to be refreshed
* User may need to relogin for the change to take effect.
  • The refresh rate field is defined by minutes and accepts numbers starting with 0. If you set the refresh rate to 0, there will be no automatic refresh of the page for that particular user
  • It applies for Time View, List View and Map View
  • The refresh rate is defined at the user level, so it needs to be defined for each user
  • The refresh rate could increase the load of requests in OFS so it is recommended to not define this parameter with a value less than 5 minutes
  • There is not an equivalent configuration for the Mobility interface. If a mobile user would like to force a refresh, they can hit the 'More' button, select 'Option' and hit 'Submit'