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Font of thread entries in Incident Print
Answer ID 10124   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why is the font and text size of thread entries in the Incident Print message template not as we configured it?


Message Templates
Oracle B2C Service


We have configured the Incident Print message template and setup a specific font and text size for thread entries, but found that these are not always applied.


The Message Templates editor allows you to change the font and text size for all the threads an incident might have, as shown in the picture below.  (click image to enlarge view)

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However, this can be overwritten if...  (click either image to enlarge view)

  1. The default font for the workspace is setup as something other than System Default.
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  2. The font and text size for (a) particular thread(s) is set manually when the incident is saved.
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This is because the font and text size set via the message templates applies to the <p> element in which all the threads of an incident will be displayed. However, the two methods mentioned above apply styling to the <span> element within that <p>.

Because the <span> element is contained in this <p> element, the lowest-level styling will be the one that will take priority.