What is new in Oracle Policy Automation 18A
Answer ID 10051   |   Last Review Date 02/20/2018

What is new in Oracle Policy Automation 18A?


Oracle Policy Automation (OPA), new features


Do you have a deployed project created in an earlier version? There are a few things you should check.

The 18A release of Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service includes: 

Interview modeling enhancements

Populate lists from rules

Interview designers can now pull in the constant values used in the rules when creating screens. This speeds up screen authoring by alleviating the need to manually retype all of those values. For more information, see:

Hub enhancements

Be warned about use of old API versions

Warnings will now be displayed in Policy Automation Hub on deployments that have used an API in the last 30 days that is due to be deleted sometime in the next 6 months. These warnings are provided so that system integrators can plan to move to a later version before the affected service is removed. For details of when the different service versions will no longer be supported, see:

Manage API clients programmatically

Policy Automation Hub Administrators can now automate the lifecycle of end-to-end integration credentials. The OPA Hub REST API supports the management (create, view, update and delete operations) of three user types: regular users, local API client users and IDCS API client users. For more information, see:


For a list of issues addressed in this release, see the Policy Automation Change History (Active customers only).

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